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This testimonial was posted to our Facebook on April 12, 2016. Linda gave us 5 out of 5 stars. Thank You Linda!! "Very wonderful honest people that make you feel like family. Awesome service and awesome clean hay!! Thank you so much!!"Quotes

Linda Maxwell

Awesome Service

Kim, I want to thank you and your folks for coming all the way out here to Toano, VA last year! Your hay produced EXCELLENT offspring (see Khaleesi and Belle below) and the protein levels were unsurpassed. All of my alpacas thrive on it! Thanks again and I look forward to our next delivery! John Ballentine Fox Wire Farm AlpacasQuotes

John Ballentine

Fox Wire Farm Alpacas

Kim: Thank you so much for working with me to find a hay that my aged gelding could eat. He loves his 2nd cut orchard with lite alfalfa. I'll be in touch soon to arrange for another load.Quotes


Aged gelding loves his hay

I first discovered Kim's hay via a boarder who brought with her a first cut timothy. I did a 'taste test' of my two hays against Kim's timothy and, out of 6 horses, the timothy won hands-down. I then recommended Kim to a friend who purchased Kim's second cut orchard grass. This gave me another opportunity for a taste test of my two hays against the orchard grass. Once again, all 6 horses preferred Kim's hay over mine. Their choice was obvious as they all would scrounge the stall floor looking for a piece of Kim's hay that might have dropped vs. taking another bite of my hay that was still plentiful in my other hand! I just had 300 bales of orchard grass delivered and, needless to say, I, and the horses, are satisfied customers!Quotes


Dreamfield Equestrian Farm

Hi Kim! It was so nice to meet you. The hay you delivered to our farm is just incredible. I have never seen second cut orchard hay this nice! Our alpacas love it. I usually have a large pile of hay around the bins to clean up in the morning, but not with your hay, every scrap is eaten up! We will definitely be re-ordering from you and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.Quotes

Kate Giorgi

DG Alpacas

Dear Kim and Marcy, Sorry for the delay in sending down our sincere THANK YOU!! OUR HAY IS BEAUTIFUL!! I can't tell you what an absolute relief it is to have this hay in our barn. It has taken such a stress load off me -- every day I worried what I was going to find when I popped open the next bale of yucky hay we had here. My husband's reaction was, "Maybe the horses will eat less because it's so good!" Well, so far, that's unfounded. The horses are gobbling it up. The first day we fed it, they actually came back from the lush pasture (lots of clover this year), and wanted to eat your hay instead! The fellows were so kind and gracious, and it was so much fun stacking the hay with them. And I learned all about beards -- they wick the heat away from the face in the summer! But I don't need one of those. :) Thank you, thank you, again! We'll keep in close touch. JudyQuotes

Tom and Judy

"The horses are gobbling it up"

The hay is beautiful. Your delivery guys were so charming to work with. Really the whole experience was a delight. I have recommended you to another woman in VA and I hope she uses you! Thanks againQuotes

Sarah Watkins

Taproot Sport Horses

My horses loved your hay. I will be buying more from your family . Thanks again, DonnaQuotes

Donna Ayers

Sweetwater Horse Farm, Owner

Best straight timothy and straight orchard we have seen yet. Excellent service and ON TIME!Quotes


Florida Feed Store

Morning Kim - Want to say how very nice it was to meet you and thank you for the extended period of time you shared with John and I. It was a pleasant and educational experience. I think it helps us a lot to understand what goes on at the other end of the deals, contracts or agreements we make with others. As we drove the Highlander up to the barn to unload, the girls were most curious and readily checked out the hay as we stacked the bales before moving them into the barn. And in spite of the fact that they had ample second cutting orchard grass in their feeders, they immediately took to munching on your bales! I think it is safe to say....they liked it! We would like to purchase orchard grass and the orchard grass with the trace of alfalfa in the future. Let's stay in touch...and thanks, LeeQuotes

John and Lee

Alpaca Customer

Hi Kim, We will be looking for the grass sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. Thank you so much for all the time you took to answer my questions. I look forward to a long-term business relationship and appreciate the chance to do business with you.Quotes


"New Customer"

Dear Kim, Thank you for letting us know. I am very satisfied with the hay I bought from you. I will be buying lots more. I think we will need more in July. Every three months is about right. It will be alfalfa. By the way, your driver that delivered the hay was very nice. Thanks againQuotes



Kim, The girls did wonderfully on your hay this lambing season -- the babies were huge and have been really hardy. The only problem with feeding such nice hay is the sheep keep breaking into the barn to help themselves... You've been wonderful to work with, and I appreciate all the correspondence. I'll definitely be in touch in the fall --or earlier if we drought again. Take careQuotes


The girls did wonderfully

Hi Kim: Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks and to let you know the "boys" are enjoying their new hay. They have quite discriminating tastes and are not leaving any behind. So far, it's a nice, clean hay which is great. Please put us on the list for your 2nd cutting Orchard/mix for later this summer. Your driver was very pleasant and all went well. Thanks again and I hope things have settled down for you, as well. Have a great week!Quotes

Renee and John

The "boys are happy

I have just shared an order of hay from Kim Summers. I ordered two mixes, 50/50 and 80/20 orchard/alfalfa, and I'm totally pleased with the quality of the hay. I will be ordering again!!!!Quotes

Teri Grimwood